If you've been following us here at RideApart for a while, you'll know that Executive Editor, Jonathon Klein, and his daughter love Kawasaki's Elektrode balance bike. But there comes a time when you need to step up from a balance bike, but a KX 65 is too big of a jump.

Enter Kawasaki's new Elektrode lineup. 

New for 2025 are two models for riders who are ready to step up from the Elektrode balance bike or are taking up riding a little later in life. The Elektrode 20 and 20FS share some features, like 20-inch spoked wheels, but there are a few distinct differences. 

Let's dive in.

Elektrode 20

As mentioned, the Elektrode 20 runs on 20-inch spoked wheels. Powering it is a 750-watt in-wheel brushless electric motor, which sends its power to the rear wheel via a chainless and silent drive. Bringing everything to a halt are disc brakes, and your young one will need them because this thing is a little ripper.

The 750-watt motor is good for a max speed of 24 mph, but if that sounds like a bit much, you can set the top speed to one of three selectable modes, starting at 13 mph. An in-frame battery gives the rider up to three hours of running time, depending on riding conditions. And the Elektrode 20 has an auto-sleep feature that shuts off the power after 10 minutes of inactivity, helping to preserve the battery's charge.

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Since the battery is housed in an aluminum frame, it gets extra protection from dirt, dust, and the hard knocks it'll likely endure as riders find their feet. 

Of the two models, the Elektrode 20 looks the most like a baby KX, and its telescopic front fork enhances that aesthetic. But it's not all about looks, as the front fork has 160mm of travel, and makes the Elektrode 20 the more off-road-focused of the two models.

This unit is designed to accommodate riders weighing up to 132 pounds and has an adjustable seat height varying from 21.7 inches to 27.3 inches.

Elektrode 20FS

The Elektrode 20FS is built on the same platform as the Elektrode 20 but is aimed at riders looking for a BMX-inspired machine with a bit more street style. The main differences between this model and the Elektrode 20 are that the FS rides on BMX tires and has a rigid steel front fork. So the FS looks and should ride far more like a BMX bike than the Elektrode 20.

The other main difference to take note of is that the Elektrode 20FS can accommodate riders of a larger stature thanks to its 176-pound weight capacity and adjustable seat height of 23.4 inches to 30 inches. This model has an MSRP of $2,199.

Who out there already has an Elektrode sitting in their garage and would consider upgrading to one of the 2025 models? Let us know!

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