Royal Enfield’s Rental Tours Let You Travel The World On Two Wheels

The program covers over 60 destinations in 25 countries.

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Anytime you’re curious about a certain motorcycle, it’s always a good idea to go for a test ride. Luckily, nearly all manufacturers offer test rides through their dealer network. And some manufacturers go even further by creating a whole event centered on test rides.

This is exactly what Royal Enfield does and it could very well be one of the biggest test-ride campaigns in the industry. Dubbed “Royal Enfield Rentals and Tours,” the Indian motorcycle manufacturer is making its global selection of models accessible to riders from all corners of the globe.

Best of all, the program allows you to experience some of the most epic roads in the world.

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The Royal Enfield Rentals and Tours program goes beyond just test rides, as it allows participants to experience the bikes on extended trips and adventures. There are even off-road options, too, allowing participants to run off-road capable models like the Himalayan and Scram models through their paces.

Of course, on-road tours around the city are also available, allowing the brand’s street bikes such as the Super Meteor 650 and Continental and Interceptor 650 to show what they’ve got.

Royal Enfield says that the Rentals and Tours program covers more than 60 destinations across 25 countries including but not limited to India, France, and Indonesia, all made accessible through the brand’s expansive dealer network. The company also offers flexible tour planning, allowing you to choose between professionally guided tours and assistance in planning self-guided trips.

Royal Enfield CEO B Govindrajan explained that Royal Enfield has always been about exploration and adventure, and the Rentals and Tours program makes this ethos accessible to a wider audience. “We believe we deeply understand the desire for adventure and to discover the world on two wheels. The Royal Enfield Rentals and Tours program not only simplifies the logistics of motorcycle tourism, it also opens a world of new opportunities for those with the spirit of adventure in their hearts.”

Those of you eager to embark on an adventure aboard a Royal Enfield can do so by visiting the landing page on its official website. You can also check them out on social media for updates on the tour and rental packages.

Programs like Royal Enfield’s Rentals and Tours are an excellent way for both beginner and seasoned riders alike to gain more experience on two wheels. On the one hand, motorcycle-curious folks not quite sure whether they want to pull the trigger on a new bike can immerse themselves in the sport without having to buy a bike just yet.

And seasoned riders perhaps looking to step out of their comfort zone—be it to ride off-road for the first time, or ride in a scenic destination—can do so in a safe and professionally controlled setting.

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