Full Throttle is the title of Sotheby’s (currently ongoing at the time of writing) collection which is currently on the lot. The auction started on August 16 and will conclude on September 6, 2023. 

To say that Michael Schumacher had a great racing career is a bit of an understatement. From his early years of karting to his early formula races, to riding motorcycles, and to some of the most illustrious special moments at the highest levels of motorsport, Sotheby’s description of it included words like “glittering,” and I’m inclined to agree. Whether you’re a Formula 1 fan or not, whether you’ve followed Schumacher’s career since the beginning, or whether you simply like motorsports memorabilia, this collection’s worth checking out. 

There are 150 “artifacts” from Schumacher’s career. “The Schumacher Collection” was amassed by a Japanese consignor who is very passionate about Formula 1 and Michael Schumacher’s career. There are over 75 lots of race-worn clothing and equipment that cover everything from Schumacher’s early days in karting to his 1989 debut season in Formula 3, all the way to the highest levels of competition in Formula 1. 

It’s without a doubt that Schumacher was one of the greatest of all time. From 1999 onwards, he would forge a path to greatness with Scuderia Ferrari. The early 2000s was a rich period for Ferrari, which would see Schumacher bagging five consecutive World Championships from 2000 to 2004. 

Sotheby’s mentioned that the was the very helmet Schumi wore during the 2002 Japanese and Hungaria Grand Prix weekends was on the lot. However, there are a few motorcycle helmets in the mix, four to be exact. Two from 2005, and two from 2013, all made by Schuberth. What's interesting is that Schumi was also responsible for helping Schuberth get some testing done with their SR1. Believe it or not, we actually have an article dated 2010 that covers that lid. 

Gallery: Michael Schumacher Helmets For Auction

By far, the most valuable motorcycle helmet on the lot and among the four is the one that was authenticated to have been worn by Schumacher himself on top of a motorbike in 2005. Because of that, the helmet is currently ten times more valuable, currently, compared to the other lots. However, that may change before the auction date ends. 

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