Watch: Big Single Or Little Single? Kawasaki KLR650 Or Yamaha TW200?

Is bigger always better? Watch this video to get insights for this novel comparison.

Now, this comparison isn’t the most evenly matched in terms of specifications, but it is well-matched in terms of cult status and legend. Two off-road motorcycles entered the arena, and both couldn’t be more different than the other, but which one is better? Well, TFLBike has an answer in video form.

These two motorcycles are quite different from one another, but both share the same cult status that has been evident for years now in the riding community, the Kawasaki KLR650 and the Yamaha TW200. Not only are they very different in terms of their engine sizes, it’s also a matter of form as well as the two adopt very different personas to tackle trails and off-road rides. Still, the comparison is still a novel one, and something that’s quite interesting to watch. 

On the one hand, the Kawasaki takes a more adventure-bike approach since it has been updated. The KLR650 has a new design and several new enhancements, all on a bike that still is the reliable thumper of a sit-down adventurer that many have come to love. Still bullet-proof, still slow, but still with a cult following, it entered the comparison kicking against the Yamaha. 

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On the other hand, the Yamaha TW200 is light and fitted with a smaller-capacity single-cylinder motor that’s about 450ccs smaller than its rival. There are several questions that can pop up in this comparison, most of which are addressed in the video. 

The presenters took both bikes off-road to see which would be a better choice. The KLR650 that TFLBike brought isn’t actually a new model, in fact, it’s still the old one that’s kicking about and not kicking the bucket. The TW200 is apparently the office bike of the TFL crew, and it looked quite diminutive compared to the KLR’s tall stance on the road. 

In order to properly test these two legendary machines, TFL took them to Moab for a trail session which had off-road sections and even water crossings. 

So, who won? It wasn’t as clear-cut. “You can’t go wrong with either,” and I’m inclined to agree. Lightness is a weapon on the trail, but so is height and displacement. The real question now is, what would you pick? 

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