BMW debuted its refreshed M 1000 RR superbike and all-new M 1000 R supernaked for the 2023 model year. While the Bavarian brand presented the first two M-branded bikes in logical categories, German publication Motorrad believes that BMW will bestow the M treatment upon the S 1000 XR platform in due time. To help readers envision the souped-up sport-tourer, the outlet commissioned accomplished designer Kar Lee to digitally render the M 1000 XR concept.

Lighter, stronger, faster, is the M series mantra, and Kardesign meets the brief, arming the XR with the same inline-four that propels the M 1000 R to white-knuckle speeds. That equates to 210 horsepower (at 13,750 rpm) and 83.3 lb-ft of torque (at 11,100 rpm) at the rider’s beck and call. An Akrapovic exhaust only augments the package, while decidedly non-touring-oriented electronics like launch control and a lap timer make good on the M name.


Those rider aids aren’t the only means of wrangling the M-spec XR either. Lee also outfits the digital prototype with electronically adjustable suspension and a superbike-worthy braking system. Given the componentry fitted to the M 1000 R and M 1000 RR, the design sides with Marzocchi suspenders and Nissin binders. The forged aluminum 17-inch wheelset, aluminum bridge frame, and aluminum swingarm maximize the weight savings. Lee and Motorrad estimate that the sporty XR weighs in just over 220 kilograms (485 pounds).

Thanks to the lightweight construction and fire-breathing engine, the outlet also anticipates the concept approaching a 280 kilometer-per-hour (174 miles-per-hour) top speed. To help handle those face-melting velocities, Lee adds M-style winglets for additional downforce. Kardesign complements those new aerodynamic appendages by amping up the XR’s aesthetic aggression. From its new broad-shouldered silhouette to the bulkier bodywork to the menacing front fairing, the concept captures the M series' boldness and exclusivity.

Only time will tell if the BMW will add the XR to its growing M family, but if they do, we hope Kar Lee’s design isn’t far from the production model.

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