Recently, Bajaj Auto, one of the biggest two- and three-wheeler producers in the world, announced that it will be taking over all of Triumph Motorcycles' sales and servicing operations in India. This implies that Bajaj will be in charge of handling Triumph Motorcycles' distribution, marketing, and after-sales support in the whole country.

As a good addition to its resume alongside KTM and Husqvarna, this move by Bajaj will provide the Indian business a footing in the luxury motorcycle category. It's no secret that Triumph Motorcycles is a well-known British motorcycle company that is recognized for its high-performance motorcycles and has a devoted fanbase in India. As such, Bajaj will be able to access this market and broaden its product line in India by taking over Triumph's sales and servicing activities.

Bajaj Auto Has Taken Over Triumph Operations In India

The goal of the Bajaj and Triumph alliance, which was formed in 2017, is to create a variety of new mid-capacity bikes. More specifically, a variety of new mid-capacity bikes with engine sizes ranging from 200 to 700cc have been co-developed by Bajaj and Triumph. It's believed that the first of these new vehicles will debut in 2023 during the next few months. It is anticipated that this new model, which will be the first motorbike to be released as a result of the partnership between Bajaj and Triumph, will fundamentally alter the mid-capacity market in India and other growing markets.

Over the next two years, the firm intends to increase its dealer network from 15 cities to 120 locations in order to support the introduction of the new Triumph models. These new showrooms will be put up in a tiered configuration and intended to fit the new Triumph models. The main cities in India will host some of the stores that are purely devoted to higher-end bikes that Triumph developed exclusively.

2023 Triumph Bonneville T120 Black DGR Limited Edition - Parked - Mark Hawwa 5

The two businesses are working together to jointly create new entry-level mid-capacity Triumph models that will be manufactured by Bajaj at its Chakan factory, in addition to the sales and servicing activities. The Triumph design team in the UK will design these motorcycles, which will subsequently be produced at Bajaj's cutting-edge manufacturing plant in Chakan, Maharashtra. Triumph will be able to penetrate the mid-capacity market, which is essential for the expansion of the premium motorcycle industry, in India and other growing regions thanks to this agreement.

It's important to note that Bajaj, Triumph, as well as KTM and Husqvarna bikes will not be sold in the same showroom. Both Bajaj and KTM won't have any influence over the Triumph business, and the brand will have unique showrooms, in order to preserve the identities of the individual brands.

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