In the U.S. and Europe, mid-sized naked bikes and sportbikes are considered practical and effective means of getting around—be it on the highway or simply around town. Indeed, a machine with 650cc to 700cc of displacement, and around 70 horsepower seems reasonable, however, in most countries in Asia, this is way too much power to make use of on a daily basis. 

Yamaha Launches The 2023 MT-15 In India With New Color, Features

That's why it isn't all too surprising that a huge chunk of the two-wheelers plying Asian roads are of the smaller variety—typically with engine sizes not exceeding 200cc. This is why most motorcycle manufacturers have adapted their model ranges for the Asian market to feature smaller versions of their popular bikes. For example, Suzuki has a GSX-S and GSX-R lineup powered by a 150cc engine. Honda does the same thing with its CB150R and CBR150R. Of course, Yamaha is one of the leaders in this segment with a wide selection of models consisting of the MT-15, YZF-R15, XSR155, and WR155. 

Speaking of Yamaha in the Asian market, Team Blue has just dropped a substantial update to the MT-15 in India, making it an even more attractive option for folks looking for a premium and sporty daily rider. Just like the MT-07 and MT-09 before it, the MT-15 gets signature Dark Side of Japan styling accentuated by sharp, futuristic bodywork and a polarizing cyclops-esque headlight. The newest iteration of the entry-level naked streetfighter gets gold-anodized inverted forks, a fully digital instrument cluster, and front and rear disc brakes equipped with dual-channel ABS. 

New for the 2023 model are LED turn indicators that clean up the lines of the bike quite a bit, especially in contrast to the incandescent signals found on the previous model. The bike also gets Bluetooth connectivity on the instrument panel, and now allows you to connect to the Yamaha Y-Connect mobile app to view ride data, diagnostics, and log your trips for future reference. For 2023, Yamaha is offering the MT-15 in India in a new Metallic Black colorway, although the Ice Fluo Vermillion, Racing Blue, and Cyan options will continue to be made available.

As for pricing, Yamaha has pegged the 2023 MT-15 at Rs 1,68,400, or approximately $2,038 USD—exactly the same pricing as the model before it. 

Yamaha Launches The 2023 MT-15 In India With New Color, Features
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