While the rest of the world seethes, European adventure riders have enjoyed the Ténéré 700 Rally since 2020. The up-spec variant lives up to its surname with off-road-oriented bits and bobs like a robust skid plate, an upgraded seat, and an Akrapovic muffler. Oh, lest we forget the Sonauto Yamaha-inspired paint scheme?

Well, for 2023, Team Blue spoiled the Continent yet again with the Ténéré 700 Rally sporting Yamaha’s classic white and red speed block livery. The variant may remain a European exclusive but Japanese customers can now build their own Rally with new Ténéré 700 accessories.

Offered by Yamaha’s Japanese accessories brand Y’s Gear, the new after-purchase set features all the components that set the Rally apart from the base model Ténéré. That includes the trim-specific bodywork, Akrapovic silencer, and rally seat. The reinforced bash plate, chain guard, radiator guard, and chain guide provide additional protection on the trail while the tank pads improve ergonomics while on the pegs.

As a collection, the Rally accessories retail for ¥431,200 (~$3,300 USD). However, customers don’t have to commit to the entire package. Instead, they can purchase each part a la carte. This approach allows owners to customize the Ténéré to their preferences and intended use.

It’s no surprise that the Akrapovic exhaust comes in as the most expensive upgrade at ¥154,00 (~$1,200 USD). Right behind the performance muffler, the Rally bodywork commands ¥88,000 (~$675 USD) while the skid plate adds another ¥72,600 (~$550 USD) to the total. The Rally seat goes for another ¥41,600 (~$320 USD), but the remaining parts don’t exceed the ¥25,000 (~$190 USD) mark.

Yamaha may have dragged its feet with offering the Rally outside of Europe, but with Y’s Gear’s kit, users can fully personalize their T7. Now, the only question remaining is: when will the rest of the world receive the accessories as well?

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