Here’s yet another moto camping video. We don’t seem to be running out of these types of vlogs at the moment. If you’re into moto camping or if you have an inkling to get into it, there are a ton of content creators out there, but today we’ll be covering onherbike as she goes camping in Montreal. 

Apart from this content creator, we’ve been noticing that there are a ton of campers out there who’ve gotten creative with the whole moto camping thing. Apart from full-fledged vlogs complete with commentary, there are also ASMR-style vlogs that are a little more intimate. 

Anyway, on to the video. Oddly enough, the video starts with Vegemite. After the little Vegemite taste test, we hop into the garage and get a look at Kinga’s bike, Chillie, a BMW F 800 GS, outfitted for the trails, and outfitted for adventure. 

After gearing up, Kinga proceeds with her journey, taking the highways and the roads to her campsite near Montreal. It’s a commercial campsite that she went to, and it looks like there are also other happy campers already settled in. 

Another bit of context is that this video signaled some of the first few kilometers in North America with Chillie, and it also was the first activity that the duo accomplished when their North American journey began. 

After that, we have a little food vlog of Kinga’s lunch, then in the next chapter, we see her getting a new set of tires and her new gear. The tires that she had installed for her journey, at the time, were a set of Bridgestone Adventurecross tires. As for her gear, we see goggles, a neck brace, and gloves.

After that, Kinga and Chillie leave Montreal, and it’s on to the next episode of her vlog. In later episodes, she explores more of North America, so head on over to her channel to see how the rest of her adventure went last year. Perhaps even subscribe if you like her content. 

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