Many helmet manufacturers discourage owners from hanging their lids on a mirror, sissy bar, or wall hook. Resting a helmet in such a manner could compress the inner foam. In turn, jeopardizing the protective properties of the model.

Despite these disclaimers, many riders think that helmets double as art, hanging them on a wall as a form of décor. For those unwilling to convert to wall shelving or a trophy case, motorcycle stand and accessories specialist Pit Bull now offers a feasible solution.

The brand’s helmet holder features a platform where riders can showcase their favorite brain bucket. The cradle function ensures that the lid doesn’t teeter from its elevated position while the unit’s high-density plastic avoids unintended scratches. If you reside in earthquake country, however, Pit Bull also sells a retaining net that conveniently hooks to the platform’s underside.

That’s not the only thing that latches to the helmet holder either. Pit Bull manufactures the product as a central hub for the user’s riding gear. Several slots accommodate glasses, goggles, and keys while additional adapters allow customers to hang gloves, jackets, and full race suits from the helmet holder.

Just like Pit Bull’s robust motorcycle stands and trailer restraint systems, the helmet holder’s wall mount benefits from zinc-plated high-grade steel construction. Even the accessory glove and leathers hangers receive the same top-of-the-line treatment. While that tack may seem overkill for some, we’ve come to expect nothing less from Pit Bull.

Available in three variations, the helmet holder retails for as low as $59.95 and goes up to $100.90. Depending on the intended use, weekend warriors can opt for the basic package while racers can upgrade to the Elite Kit with glove and track suit hangers. As motorcyclists, we love to show off our lid collection, and Pit Bull’s helmet holder allows riders to do so without sacrificing safety.

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