Moto camping has grown immensely in the past few years, and we’ve seen everything from adventure bikes to neo-retro motorcycles. You don’t need a ton of things to go out and start moto camping. Just a bit of know-how and a wanderlust. 

YouTube content creator, Unroof, proves that all you need are a good set of wheels some luggage, and a desire for adventure. His steed appears to be a late 90s to early 2000s Kawasaki W650, which would pin this bike’s age at about 20 years old now. The Kawasaki W650 is part of the W family of models from Kawasaki. It is the predecessor to the current generation W800, only this version had all the retro trimmings from a kick starter to a carburetor. 

After kicking the bike to life and some clips of riding on the road, we reach the campsite. The video is in an ASMR style which is a popular style among content creators such as Rob Hamilton. There is no dialogue here, just the sights and sounds of what you can come to expect on a solo camping trip like this. 

From setting up to cooking, and even with some painting, the video is a charming example of what moto camping should be. Pure, serene, and simple. Just like the motorcycle he rides, Unroof’s setup is basic. A simple tent to keep the leaves and morning dew away, a simple fireplace, simple meals, and simply breathtaking views. 

I’d also like to point out that the biggest treats, at least to my ears, were the segments wherein the W650 was on the road. Be sure to watch this video with headphones on so you can get a sample of all the audio as Unroof uses a very high-quality microphone to capture all the sound waves on this trip. The best sound wave, by far, is the rumble of that retro engine. 

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