Barn finds are the gifts that keep on giving, aren’t they? Whether they involve actual barns or not, finding a cache of vintage bikes (or even just a couple of special ones) that’s been sitting undisturbed for a long period of time is a special experience.  

You may think that we must be running out of barns or other buildings in which to find vintage bikes, as we stand at the end of 2022—but apparently, you’d be wrong. Take Japanese publication Young Machine, which was recently tipped off about a collection of vintage bikes in a warehouse, located somewhere in western Japan.  

In total, there are around 40 bikes, and most seem to be from the 1980s and late ‘70s. Many are Japanese, although there are a few exceptions, including what appears to be a Ducati 500 Sport Desmo. There are a bunch of Kawasakis, including a GPZ750R, a GPZ1000RX, and a GPZ1100. Other bikes in the jumble include a Suzuki RG50 Gamma, a Suzuki Hustler 400, a 1973 Honda Nobio moped, and a whole bunch of other bikes, scooters, and everything in between. 

Although YM didn’t want to disclose the location of these vehicles, it did mention that the site is a warehouse, and that it apparently used to be a bike shop at an earlier date. Since the shop closed, all these machines have been sitting and gathering dust, just waiting for someone to uncover them at some point in the future.  

Since it was a bike shop, it’s perhaps not very surprising that there were also a fair number of bike parts uncovered when this collection of vintage motorcycles was found. From wheels to engines to body panels, there are a whole bunch of OEM parts that are sure to make someone (or possibly several someones) very happy. Other photos show new-old-stock spark plugs, light bulbs, and even signed photos from professional racers of days gone by.  

It’s unclear where this collection will end up, or what will become of these bikes. Will they go to auction, be sold as a lot, or will some shop buy the whole thing outright? Will they stay in Japan, or be exported for the benefit of overseas motorcycle enthusiasts? If additional information becomes available, we’ll be sure to keep you updated. In the meantime, you can check out the Young Machine link in our Sources to see all the photos of this recently unearthed barn find collection. 

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