I'm a firm believer that all-weather gear is a godsend to folks like me who ride in all weather. While I don't really care for thermal wear—as the temps where I'm from hardly ever dip below the 70s—I certainly have a strong appreciation for waterproof gear that can quickly be convertible to breathable gear in hot weather. 

T.UR, the adventurous spinoff of the Italian gear maker Tucano Urbano, has a new adventure jacket called the Roadbook that fits that description, and then some. Made out of Polystrong 600D Pro, the T.UR Roadbook jacket features inserts made out of a Profiber stretch fabric, making the jacket incredibly adaptable to base-layers and other clothing depending on the climate. Reinforcements are also provided by the high tenacity Xtr-M mesh and leather on the forearms. 

Tucano Urbano's T.Ur Presents The New All-Weather Roadbook Jacket

In wet weather conditions, the jacket packs a Hydroscud membrane which is guaranteed waterproof, while at the same time being breathable to prevent you from being drenched in your own sweat. Furthermore, the Hydroscud lining is detachable and can also be worn outside, over the jacket. This makes the Roadbook very versatile, being able to switch from a three-layer winter configuration to a lightweight and breathable jacket thanks to the opening of vents, of which there are three up front and two at the back. 

While we're at the topic of airflow, the Roadbook is equally qualified as a summer jacket as it is a winter one, thanks to the vents placed in key locations. Apart from the ones at the front and back, there are also vents on the sleeves which promote airflow. Conversely, when riding through frigid terrain, the incorporated down jacket will surely keep you warm. Best of all, it can also be used as a standalone item for your excursions off the bike. 

On the safety side of things, the T.UR Roadbook is equipped with Level 2 Easyflex shoulder and elbow protectors. There's also a pocket for an optional Level 2 back protector, or an equivalent back protector of similar dimensions. Just like most adventure jackets, the Roadbook can also be connected to compatible touring pants via a zipper at the base. 

Tucano Urbano's T.Ur Presents The New All-Weather Roadbook Jacket

Overall, T.UR's newest jacket packs a lot of value, especially given how versatile it is. Thanks to all the safety features it incorporates, it's certified Class AA PPE. It comes in sizes ranging from S all the way to 4XL, and carries a retail price of 500 Euros, which translates to around $530 USD.  

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