We’ve been clamoring to see the fruits of the Triumph-Bajaj partnership ever since the two firms announced the deal back in 2017. As luck would have it, the COVID-19 pandemic delayed the project over the past three years. However, the tide has turned recently, with many expecting the maiden model to launch as early as 2023.

We first caught a glimpse of the Bajaj-produced Triumph in February, 2022. The test mule sported an all-new single-cylinder engine, but the inverted front end and 17-inch cast wheels hinted at the model’s road bias. That doesn’t mean Bajaj doesn’t have an off-road-capable model up its sleeve, though.

Most recently, Indian media outlet Bike Dekho published spy shots of the Triumph-badged bike testing touring accessories.


While the team lashed a top box, saddle bag, and tail bag to the test unit, we’re not entirely convinced that the top box will make it to the Triumph-Bajaj accessories catalog. After all, many manufacturers equip prototypes with testing apparatus tucked into a rear-mounted top box. Additionally, the prototype’s retro-styled aesthetics don’t exactly lend themselves to top-box compatibility. Conversely, the saddle and tail bags seem like a natural fit for the platform.

The full story lies under the luggage, however. As reported by India Car News, the packed-down test unit also flaunted wire-spoked wheels, hand guards, and a high-mounted front fender. Given the photograph’s angle and pixelated quality, we can’t confirm the wire-spoked wheelset or front mudguard, but we’re in no position to contradict India Car News’ assessment, otherwise.

Would we love to see Triumph-Bajaj's pet project in a travel-oriented or scrambler form? Absolutely. On the other hand, the new spy photos can’t confirm those details yet. Just like the last five years, it seems like we’ll have to wait with bated breath for Triumph and Bajaj to officially announce its plans with the highly-anticipated single-powered platform.

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