BMW hasn’t shied away from one opportunity to exhibit the R 18 cruiser’s custom potential. The firm already presented top-tier projects hailing from Japan, Italy, and Canada. Now, it’s time for Poland to take a crack, and the talented builders are eager to show that custom cruisers aren’t a patently American art form.

There’s no denying it, cruiser riders dig the color black. However, BMW ZK Motors wanted to put a modern twist on the all-black aesthetic with black chrome. The Kielce-based garage applied the unique treatment to the headlight ring, speedometer frame, engine housing cover, handlebars, cylinder head covers, pushrod tubes, intake manifold trims, intake grille, air filter cover, handlebar clamps, fuel cap, and rear-view mirrors. Fittingly named the Black Jack, the custom breathes new life into a classic cruiser look.

BMW Inchcape Poznań takes the same approach with a different style. Instead of a black-out bobber, the shop turns to Southern California’s lowrider car culture for guidance. Commonly referred to as the Vicla style, these ornate customs typically borrow their swooping fenders and fishtail exhaust pipes from 1930s automobile designs and the hot rod subculture. Inchcape Poznań’s R 18 Speedy Gonzales plays on those roots with tall ape hangers, a paneled paint job, and chrome galore.

Gallery: BMW Motorrad Poland R 18 Customs

In partnership with UNIKAT Motorworks, BMW Team Długołęka pulled a page from the Japanese custom bobber playbook. In addition to those bare-bones cosmetics, the resulting R 18 The Great Wave also draws from classic Japanese paintings. The team captures the Japanese bobber style with a ducktail mudguard, flat drag bars with leather grips, a brown leather single-seat, and vintage-styled Shinko tires. Additionally, the copper-plated shaft drive, brake calipers, and cylinder head covers not only catch the eye but also complement the design.

Wrapping up the Polish-born customs, BMW Dobrzanski Team Customs’ honors Georg "Schorsch" Meier's hallowed career with the gloriously green R 18 Isle of Man. The R 18 Liberty, on the other hand, puts Liberty Motors Piaseczno’s muscle cruiser chops on full display, while BMW Inchape Wrocêaw’s R 18 Roadster adopts café racer styling. Lastly, BMW Smorawiński’s R 18 Roar proves that the less is more with its timeless interpretation of the big-bore boxer.

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