It’s December 1, 2022, which marks the first day of the 2022 Thailand International Motor Expo. The event runs through December 12, held in the IMPACT Challenger building in Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok. Among all the new cars and bikes you’ll see if you go, Cub House Honda teamed up with Japanese accessories specialist Kitaco to put the Dax Nippon Vibes Special Edition together in time for the show. 

Kitaco makes accessories for a number of bikes, including plenty of Honda’s other miniMOTOs. The Dax Nippon Vibes Special Edition shows off no less than 16 accessories—primarily black and/or chrome—that have been made specifically to fit the Dax 125. There’s a clear focus here on appearance, of course, but for the most part, except for the stickers, they’re also functional. Can you have style and functionality at the same time? Kitaco’s answer is a definite yes. 

Let’s start with the seat. Kitaco’s classic seat for the Dax comes in black, with a quilted rectangular pattern and red piping around both the edge of the saddle, and also the edges of the black strap that horizontally divides the saddle, just about between rider and passenger.


From there, Kitaco’s Dax Nippon Vibes Special Edition adds a whole lot of functionality to the little doxie, with items like a front carrier, center carrier, side bag, and front basket—all in black. There’s also a rear grab bar, license plate holder, bottle opener attachment, and license holder—also all blacked out.  

To add little pops of eye-catching shimmer, the side bag features silver text, which goes nicely with the round chrome mirrors, stainless steel muffler, red rear shock spring, chrome headlight visor, and chrome front fender.  

Gallery: Kitaco Honda Dax Nippon Vibes Special Edition

A Kitaco 10th Anniversary emblem for the front fender is also picked out in silver, along with a Kitaco Racing Company logo horn cover done in red, silver, and black. Finally, there’s a Kitako Dax decal that goes on the black stripe on the frame of the Dax, just in front of the seat. It shows the name “Kitaco” written in katakana, in a stylized black font.  
The overall effect of all these accessories together is friendly and eager to help you live your life—whether that’s running errands, shuttling a passenger around, or picking up a few necessities from the shops.  

If you’re interested in seeing the Cub House x Kitaco Dax Nippon Vibes Special Edition, you can see it at the 39th Thailand International Motor Expo, running now through December 12, 2022 (at the time of writing). You can also reach out to any of the Cub House Honda locations throughout Thailand. The listed price for this bike is ฿113,400, or about $3,256.

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