Honda Releases 2023 Africa Twin With New Liveries In Europe

Apart from the redesigned liveries, the Africa Twin and Africa Twin Adventure Sports retain their impressive specs.

2023 Honda Africa Twin Red 2023 Honda Africa Twin Red

It was in 2015 that Honda released what can be considered the modern-day Africa Twin, with the CRF1100L. It immediately captured the hearts of ADV and enduro fans thanks to its agile maneuverability, rally-inspired styling, and sophisticated electronics package. In 2018, the bike was released with several updates, including a premium Adventure Sports model. Fast forward to 2020, and the Africa Twin Adventure Sports became available with a DCT.

2023 Honda Africa Twin Blue Glint Wave Metallic Tricolor
2023 Honda Africa Twin Blue Glint Wave Metallic Tricolor

It's interesting to note that a lot of buyers opted for the DCT model, with French motorcycling publication Le Repaire Des Motards reporting that 51-percent of Honda Africa Twins sold in Europe were of the DCT variety. Needless to say, Honda certainly found the sweet spot with the current generation Africa Twin, regardless of transmission configuration, as the bike has proven itself as a perfectly capable heavyweight ADV-enduro, as well as a long-distance tourer. 

This is perhaps why it isn't all too surprising that for the 2023 model year, Honda ha bestowed little more than new colors onto its flagship adventurer. With the launch of the highly anticipated Transalp 750 hopefully in the horizon, it's understandable that the Africa Twin would retain its already impressive specifications. That being said, with the 2023 release, the two models are now available in a wider selection of colors.

2023 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports Pearl Glare Tricolore
2023 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports Mat Iridium Metallic

While the CRF1100L Africa Twin—the non-Adventure Sports version—now comes in Matte Black Ballistic Metallic and Blue Glint Wave Metallic Tricolore, the CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports now comes in new Matte Gray Iridium Metallic and Pearl Glare Tricolor colorways. The Blue Glint Wave Metallic Tricolore on the standard Africa Twin gains blue highlights around the headlight, as well as pieces of the front fender and rear cover completed with red and white accents. More impressively, the Matte Black Ballistic Metallic version is embellished with an all-black frame.

The engine, suspension, and electronic components of the Africa Twin and Africa Twin Adventure Sports remain same, save from the new color schemes. The regular Africa Twin is priced between 14,349 Euros and 17,149 Euros for the European market. Meanwhile , the top-of-the-line Africa Twin Adventure Sports will cost European buyers between 15,499 and 19,649 Euros. Pricing in other markets, as well as the release date of the new color have yet to be announced, so be sure to stay tuned. 

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