Everyone here at RideApart looked on with green-eyed jealousy when Europe received Honda’s 2023 ST125 Dax in March, 2022. Big Red only added insult to envy when they later revealed that the Dax would hit the Japanese market on July 21, 2022. We thought our ST125 resentment would end there, but Thailand’s K-Speed just put the cherry on top with its custom Daxster build.

For those that haven’t had the pleasure of feasting your eyes on a K-Speed project, the Bangkok-based shop specializes in mini bikes, particularly Honda miniMOTOs. While the custom garage went bright and loud with its Grom builds, its CT125, Monkey, and Super Cub projects showcased the firm’s signature dark aesthetic. The Daxster follows in that same vein with its matte black livery and blacked-out finishes.

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K-Speed owner and designer Tanadit Sarawa leverages most projects to design aftermarket parts, and the Dax produces high yields for the custom brand. Aside from the plastic wheel covers, slammed shocks, taillight, grips, and indicators, K-Speed's Diablo offshoot outfits the Daxster with a USD front end.

The wider fork and elongated swingarm enable the team to shod the 12-inch wheels in dual 130/80 IRC Tractor Grip tires. Those burly knobbies immediately imbue the ST125 with extra attitude, and the custom-built exhaust and drilled heat shield are happy to follow suit.

Dipping into the chopper realm, K-Speed fashions handlebars that individually mount to a set of rotated bar clamps. The unique system not only provides a custom look but also allows users to customize each bar’s angle and pullback length. Minor accents such as luggage racks and a side-mounted speedometer lend to the sleek yet rugged cosmetics, but the tan brown saddle adds a much-needed touch of contrast to the stealthy livery.

Honda may be dragging their feet when it comes to a Dax announcement for the States, but if we ever do receive the minuscule model, we know to turn to K-Speed for our customization needs.

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