If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Honda should consider itself flattered in the extreme by one of the latest offerings from Xiang Shuai. This is the Cangyun XS500—and it’s just one of the two headline models introduced by Xiang Shuai at its “Heavy Cruising 2022 New Product Conference” in April, 2022. 

You see, when a Honda Rebel 500 and a Harley-Davidson Sportster Nightster love each other very much … wait, no, that’s not actually how it works. Ahem. Where we we? Ah, yes.  

The Cangyun XS500 is powered by the stalwart Loncin KE500 engine, which you can also find in Voge, Colove, and even Loncin-branded machines of the same displacement. It makes a claimed 48 horsepower, alongside 43 newton-meters (or just under 32 pound-feet of torque). Curb weight is about 195 kilograms, or about 430 pounds.

Gallery: Xiang Shuai Cangyun XS500

While the visual similarities are undeniably striking, there’s evidence that some extremely minor tweaks have been made. For example, the XS500 has ground clearance of 180mm, while the Rebel 500’s is 125mm. The fuel tank on the XS500 can hold a claimed 14 liters of fuel, or about 3.7 gallons. Meanwhile, the Rebel 500’s tank holds a smaller amount of 2.9 gallons per full tank.  

The Cangyun XS500 went on sale in China on May 1, 2022, at a set price of 28,800 Chinese yuan. At conversion rates as of July 14, 2022, that’s just over $4,256. It’s unclear whether there’s any intention for this bike to ever be sold outside its home market—but it’s also just as clearly part of Xiang Shuai’s broader heavy cruiser strategy within that market.  

On the other side of the stage from the Cangyun XS500, Xiang Shuai also introduced its newest flagship cruiser, the Traveler 800. This bike seems to take styling elements from several Harley-Davidson touring bikes and stick them in a salad shaker to see what pops out. While not as blatantly a copy of a single existing model as the Cangyun XS500, it wears its influences on its sleeve—although, of course, you’re never going to find an 800cc grand American-style tourer from the Motor Company. You’re also not going to find one with an MSRP of 61,800 yuan, which works out to about $9,133. 

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