Helstons is known for making some of the most stylish gear best suited for the avid retro aficionado. While the brand’s products are high in style, as well as in price, we can also be assured that they’re high in safety, too, thanks to high-quality materials, and conformance to industry-standard safety standards.

The newest product to roll out of Helstons' craftspeople takes the form of the Deville riding shoes, a retro-style mid-cut pair of boots with a casual design. Just looking at them, you can tell that they’re going to be pretty comfy, as well as complement your neo-retro tastes perfectly. These boots are made out of full-grain cowhide leather, and feature reinforcements in key areas for added protection and longevity. The boots feature a mid-cut design, and extend just above the ankle, offering adequate protection in the event of the low-speed drop.

Gear Maker Helstons Introduces Deville Riding Shoes

Up front, the boots feature a large, full-grain cowhide panel that bed in very nicely over time, apart from providing much needed rigidity and abrasion-resistance. Furthermore, the shoes get integrated textile inserts on the sides for added protection. Said inserts are made out of Armalith, a highly developed aramid fiber that's penetration, abrasion, and impact resistant. These inserts protect your feet from crushing forces in the event your bike falls on you, as well as protecting your skin from sliding on the tarmac in the event of a lowside.

Helston’s Deville boots are secured via a lace-up closure, and feature stitched soles for added longevity. The thick rubber soles also give them a more vintage aesthetic, while enhancing your grip to the ground, especially when planting your feet on loose, uneven terrain. All these features garner the Helstons Deville a PPE certification. As for sizing and availability, these boots are available from sizes 39 to 46, and retail for 219 Euros, translating to around $232 USD, per current exchange rates.

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