In what it’s calling “maintenance measures” BMW Motorrad has updated nearly the entirety of its model range for the 2023 model year. All the updates consist of color revisions, as well as the inclusion of a few standard features for select models. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

For starters, the smallest bikes in BMW’s model range, the 310 series, all get revised colorways. The baby GS gets new colors for budding adventurers to choose from. It now comes in either Cosmic Black, Sport Polar White/ Racing Blue Metallic, and Rallye Kalamata Metallic Matt. The G 310 R gets a new Passion Racing Red and Sport Polar White/ Racing Blue Metallic colorways. As for the C 400 range of scoots, the X gets a new Style Passion Granite Gray Metallic colorway and a Sport Alpine White with matching blue wheels. The touring focused GT gets a new Exclusive Callisto Gray Metallic paint scheme with gold front brake calipers.

2023 BMW G 310 GS

Moving on to BMW’s Heritage line, the R nineT continues to dominate the neo-retro segment in new colorways. The R nineT Pure Option 719 gets two new colors: Underground Uni/ Lightwhite Uni and Pollux Metallic/ Lightwhite Uni. The rugged Urban GS in Option 719 trim gets a similar Underground Uni/ Lightwhite Uni color scheme, too, and so does the R nineT Scrambler, also in 719 trim. The Scrambler, however, also gets a Manhattan Metallic Matte for the Basic version.

The Bavarian Brute’s biggest two-wheeler available, the R 18, also get a few updates. For starter, BMW has thrown in RDC specific to all models with Keyless Ride. Additionally, the Option 719 version of the R 18 now gets a Mineral White Metallic/Meteoric Dust Gold color scheme. The long-haul-ready Transcontinental, meanwhile, features a new Gravity Blue Metallic paint scheme for the Basic model, and Mineral White Metallic/Meteoric Dust Gold for the Option 719 version.

2023 BMW R 1250 RT

As for BMW’s touring range, the R 1250 RT gets a few technical updates, including the ability to switch off the comfort turn indicator via the instrument cluster. A new Meteoric Dust II Metallic paint scheme replaces the old colorway, as well. The same updates are true for the heavyweight tourers, the K 1600 GT and K 1600 GTL, which, apart from the aforementioned tech updates, get the same Meteoric Dust II Metallic color as the RT. The fastest, most performance-oriented tourer, the S 1000 XR, doesn’t get any new colorways, but rather, a bunch of tech updates such as RDC, as well as the ability to switch off the self-canceling signal feature.

2023 BMW F 900 XR
2023 BMW F 850 GSA

BMW’s F-series of bikes, namely the F 900 R, F 900 XR, F 850 GS, and F 750 GS, all get slight revisions for the 2023 model year, as well. The F 750 GS, for starters, gets a new M Endurance Chain as part of the comfort package. It also sports a new colorway in the form of Lightwhite Uni/ Racing Blue Metallic. Its bigger, more premium sibling, the F 850 GS and GS Adventure, also get the M Endurance Chain as part of the Comfort Package, as well as a GS Trophy odel in Gravity Blue Metallic. The GSA, meanwhile, receives a new Rallye Kalamata Metallic Matte paint job.

As for the F 900 XR and F 900 R, both models also get the M Endurance Chain as part of the Comfort Package, while the XR gets a new Style Sport Racing Blue Metallic paint scheme with a matching engine spoiler.

Last but certainly not least, the BMW S 1000 R receives a host of updates similar to the rest of BMW model range including the ability to switch off the self-canceling turn signals, the integration of RDC worldwide, and the introduction of a new Blackstorm Metallic colorway for the basic version and Bluestone Metallic for the premium Style Sport variant.

BMW Introduces A Bunch Of New Colors For 2023 Model Lineup

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