It’s understood that a large part of the enjoyment brought about by our two-wheeled passion comes in the form of fashion. Of course, apart from actually riding our bikes, we all want to look good doing so, and having a set of matching riding gear that’s both safe and stylish is undeniably the best way to do it. As motorcycles continue to branch out in terms of style, so too does the world of riding gear.

Manufacturers have adapted to this, and are becoming more inventive when it comes to their gear offerings. Such is the case with Italian motorcycle boot and sneaker specialist Gianni Falco, and its new Starboy 3 motorcycle sneakers. At a glance, the Starboy 3 looks quite similar to a regular sneaker, and in fact carries some styling cues reminiscent of that of a good old pair of Converse sneakers. Perhaps its name is a nod to the Converse logo, but that’s just me speculating.

Styling aside, the Starboy 3 doesn’t skimp out on any safety features, and is a full-fledged certified motorcycle riding shoe. It gets Micro-Synth textile panels up top which are known to offer superb abrasion resistance. Meanwhile, D3O protectors around the toes and side of the foot keep you safe from impact, twisting, and crushing forces. Overall, the Falco Starboy 3 sneakers garner PPE certification in accordance with the EN-13634 standard.

As for specific application, it’s clear to see that Falco’s Starboy 3 sneakers are not an all-year-round pair of riding boots. THey’re designed specifically for spring and summer use, so now would be the perfect time for you to snap up a pair of these. They get large, ventilated panels designed to keep you cool on the hottest of days, while its lightweight Air-Tech textile construction allows for a natural tactile response from the motorcycle’s controls. For extra convenience, the Starboy 3 features a traditional lace-up closure with a quick-open tab. Comfy neoprene edges prevent chafing with your calf, while ensuring a snug fit.

As for pricing and availability, Gianni Falco is offering the Starboy 3 sneakers in two color options—Black/Red and Black/Fluo. It’s available in sizes ranging from 39 to 47, and retails for 129.90 Euros, which makes out to about $139 USD.

Italian Gear Maker Gianni Falco Introduces Starboy 3 Moto Sneakers
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