We previously talked about the Moxiao 500RR, a Chinese knockoff of the Ducati Panigale. Sure, its styling and aesthetics were definitely sporty, and could easily have it mistaken as a more performance-oriented machine. However, its performance and poor fit and finish were nothing to write home about. Unfortunately, some folks never learn their lesson, and Moxiao is one of them, as the company has outdone itself with its newest range of knockoffs.

Nearly a year after the 500RR was revealed, Moxiao is presenting its newest range of counterfeit motorbikes under the MX range. Instead of coming up with its own unique design, Moxiao has decided to whip up its best interpretation of Ducati’s premium V4 sportbike range consisting of the Panigale V4 and Streetfighter V4. The new 500RR, which takes on the sportier guise of the Panigale V4, now comes complete with winglets, a revised fascia, and redesigned alloy wheels. The MX 500, on the other hand, is a poorly executed copy of the Streetfighter V4. You know, when you’re photocopying something and the paper moves just a bit?

Chinese Motorcycle Maker Moxiao Is Back To Cloning Ducati’s Bikes
The new 500RR's styling is an insult to the Panigale V4's meticulously engineered physique.

When you take a closer look at these bikes, however, it’s clear as day that they’re nowhere near in terms of fit and finish to their machines of inspiration. It actually looks like the bikes feature body work that’s been revised multiple times with layers of Bondo. On top of that, the whole thing just gives off a very dinky toy look and feel, with uneven panel gaps, dull colors, and unimpressive proportions. Don’t even get me started with performance.

Unsurprisingly, beneath the cheap plastic fairings lies yet another plagiarism masterpiece. Yup, you guessed it, the Moxiao 500RR and MX 500 are powered by none other than a 471cc, 180-degree, parallel-twin engine manufactured by fellow Chinese motorbike maker Loncin. This engine has been liberally reverse-engineered from Honda’s parallel-twin found in the likes of the CB500X and CBR500R. It also features on many other made-in-China motorcycles, too, so Moxiao isn’t the first one to use this engine in its bikes.

Quite honestly, it’s brands like Moxiao that continue to give Chinese manufacturers a bad name. We’ve seen from bigger players like Benelli and CFMoto, that Chinese motorcycle makers have what it takes to play in the global market. Perhaps if these smaller manufacturers could get their act together and actually come up with their own designs, there’ll be a better crop of affordable motorcycles for folks to choose from.

Chinese Motorcycle Maker Moxiao Is Back To Cloning Ducati’s Bikes
If you spin around a hundred times and squint really hard, you'd think this is the real deal.
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