A good number of today's top-shelf motorcycles are filled to the brim with technology such as GPS navigation and tracking capabilities out of the factory. However, the vast majority of mid-tier and entry-level machines don't get such tech. Although GPS navigation and other techie features can easily be accounted for via a free-to-download application on your smartphone, it's always better if these systems were integrated into your motorcycle. 

German tech startup RideLink has come up with a solution with its new Wingman module. This nifty little gadget serves as an all-in-one module equipped with a host of tech features meant to enhance safety and security. It attaches to your battery, and is stowed away completely hidden under your seat. It then connects to your smartphone via a mobile application, and serves as a GPS module and tracker for your bike. This makes it easy for you to track your bike's location in the untoward event of a theft, as the crooks won't even know your bike is equipped with a tracker. It's also a nifty tool if you easily forget where you've parked your bike. 

The RideLink Connect application, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, serves as your dashboard when configuring this gadget. It allows you to select the exact functions you need at any given time, with all systems online and ready to activate at a moment's notice. The module's geolocation functionality makes it easy to plan routes ahead of time, and even offers group navigation for riders within your group rocking the same system. 

Apart from GPS and tracking functionality, the Wingman is also equipped with an accelerometer and motion sensor which can track your bike's behavior and provide driving analysis. Metrics such as acceleration force, lean angle, speed, and braking force are all taken into account and can be displayed via the RideLink Connect app. The Wingman module is available for 399.99 Euros ($464), but is currently on sale on Louis Moto's website for 299.99 Euros ($348).

The same sensors are also able to determine when you've been in an accident, and are integrated to a regional accident reporting system called E-Call via a SIM card included in the Wingman module. The E-Call system is currently operational in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg,  Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Portugal. Wingman owners have the option to avail of E-Call functionality for 29 Euros ($34) a year, inclusive of the SIM card. 

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