If you’ve been contemplating a new slip-on exhaust for your BMW R 1150 GS, then Italian exhaust specialist HP Corse has three new options for you to consider. All three are homologated for road use, which should be a plus when it comes time to change up your machine.  

The HP Corse 4-Track R comes to the world straight from HP Corse’s Bologna research and development facility. It’s offered in three different variants: Titanium, Black, and Satin (which is polished stainless steel). The can has an octagonal shape at the bottom, with a hydroformed tip. In all three cases, the HP Corse logo is laser-engraved on the silencer. 

While the materials may differ, all three of these silencers offer weight reduction over the stock unit, according to HP Corse. Now, clearly the titanium one will be the lightest of all, given the nature of the material in question. However, HP Corse frustratingly doesn’t give any exact weight numbers so we can make any direct comparisons.  

Gallery: HP Corse BMW R 1150 GS 4-Track R Exhaust

As these are slip-on exhausts and not full systems, any power gains will, by nature, be modest. HP Corse provides dynamometer graphs that show modest power gains of a couple of horsepower throughout the rev range. Not exactly hair-raising stuff, but if your game is finding small amounts of street-legal horsepower here and there with a variety of upgrades, then this may be exactly the kind of trick you want in your bag. 

Like you’d probably expect, prices vary for the three different finishes. The HP Corse 4-Track R Satin exhaust for the BMW R 1150 GS costs 671 Euros including VAT, which is about $775 as of October 6, 2021. If you choose the 4-Track R Black instead, it’s 768.60 Euros, or about $889.

Finally, the 4-Track R Titanium tops the price charts at 829.60 Euros, which is just over $958 on this fine October day in 2021. All three exhausts can be ordered from your local HP Corse dealer, or directly from the company’s website. 

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