It’s fall in the northern hemisphere, and as the days get shorter and the nights get longer, Akrapovič is all about creating a motorcycle symphony of its own. If that concept sounds familiar, then you may have seen Honda Brasil’s recent video where it constructed a piece of music solely using the sounds of its current line of motorcycles. After all, most riders love nothing more than to hear the full-throated song of our people. 

Akrapovič makes a wide range of motorcycle exhausts, for an ever-expanding range of bikes. Its current street models are Euro 5-compliant, and let’s face it: No rider is gonna be mad about their bike sounding amazing. This particular video is the Slovenian exhaust specialist’s tribute to naked bikes, and the riders who love them. 

While Akrapovič couldn’t feature every single naked bike it makes exhausts for in a video that’s under two minutes long, the company did manage to choose just four great examples to showcase here. An Aprilia Tuono 660 wears a Racing Line (Carbon) exhaust, a BMW F 900 R sports a Slip-On Line (Titanium) unit, a Kawasaki Z900 shows off a Slip-On Line (Carbon), and a Yamaha MT-09 comes clad in a Racing Line (Titanium) exhaust.  

Do they look cool? Yes. Do they sound even better than they look? Also, yes. I know I say this quite often, but please listen to this video through headphones. You’ll be glad you did, because all these bikes sound fantastic. Yes, the company obviously wants you to want to buy its exhausts, but surely you can appreciate those beautiful noises issuing forth from all four of the bikes featured in this video.  

Whether you ride a naked bike or not, take a moment to enjoy the sweet sounds from this extremely well-respected exhaust maker. No matter when you’re watching, we hope it makes your day even the tiniest bit better. 

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