For many years now, Yamaha has been dominating the entry-level, small-capacity sportbike segment all across Asia with its YZF-R15. Now on its fourth iteration, the Tuning Fork Company has refreshed the beginner-friendly sportbike with a new look that makes it look even more like a thoroughbred YZF-R sportbike. For the 2022 model year, the YZF-R15 V4 sports a redesigned fairing which looks nearly identical to that of the YZF-R7. 

What's even better is that Yamaha has released a special edition YZF-R15M variant of this baby sportbike, which sports a special color scheme similar to what we find in its bigger brother, the YZF-R1M. As is the case with most, if not all sportbikes, certain tweaks can be made to the new YZF-R15 to make it an even better daily sportbike capable of delivering more fun on your daily commute. To do this, Yamaha India has recently rolled out the factory accessories list for the new sportbike, which consists of both aesthetic, protective, and practical upgrades. 

Yamaha Rolls Out Accessory Lineup For New YZF-R15

For starters, Yamaha factory tank pads not only give the YZF-R15 a sportier look and feel, they also provide more grip between your legs and the tank, providing a more engaging and locked-in riding experience. Apart from that, they also protect the fuel tank from scuffs and scratches brought about by daily use. The tank pads are by far the most affordable upgrade, fetching just Rs 190, or just a hair under $3 USD.

New YZF-R15 owners can also add some valuable protection to their shiny new sportbikes by availing of the Yamaha factory frame sliders which bolt right on to the bottom the fairing. These sliders are equipped with an abrasion-resistant puck complete with YZF-R lettering in the center. Available for the low, low price of just Rs 1,650, or the equivalent of around $22 USD.

Yamaha Rolls Out Accessory Lineup For New YZF-R15
Yamaha Rolls Out Accessory Lineup For New YZF-R15

Ergonomic upgrades in the form of anodized blue adjustable clutch and brake levers are also part of the accessories list. We all know how useful adjustable levers are, especially if you have larger or smaller hands than average. Yamaha factory adjustable levers are available for just Rs 950, or $13 USD, with a matching clutch lever guard for just Rs 900, or the equivalent of $12 USD. Lastly, a handy USB charger is also available for Rs 750, or the equivalent of $10 USD. 

Surely, given how affordable these accessories are, the demand for these goodies will be through the roof. That being said, be sure to get in touch with your nearest Yamaha dealer to get your hands on these accessories while supplies last. 

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