What better way to spruce up your already gorgeous BMW R 18 than to fit it with an aftermarket full-system exhaust? Not only will it improve your bike’s sound, as well as marginally adding some power gains, it also reduces weight and gives the bike a sleeker, more streamlined aesthetic.

Italian exhaust manufacturer Zard has recently released a full-system exhaust for the BMW R 18, and all I can say is that it’s quite possibly the most beautiful aftermarket exhaust system for this bike yet. The complete 2-into-2 exhaust system is available in three finishes—black treatment, mirror polish, and titanium. The craftsmen over at Officine Zard put in a lot of time and effort to really make sure this exhaust system lives up to the beauty of the R 18. The full system features one silence on either side of the bike which are adorned with end caps which have been designed to resemble turbines.

Apart from the stunning good looks, the exhaust system offers sizable weight savings to this welterweight cruiser. For reference, the stock exhaust system tips the scales at 16.6 kilograms, while Zard’s setup weighs only 9.5 kilograms for the stainless steel option, and an even lighter 7 kilograms for the titanium set. Apart from the weight savings, Zard also promises an improvement in overall performance, too, with a claimed enhanced throttle response, and a more even spread of power across the rev range.

Zard’s New Exhaust System For The BMW R 18 Exudes Class And Style
Zard’s New Exhaust System For The BMW R 18 Exudes Class And Style

Such style, elegance, and sound, however, does come with a caveat. Zard notes that this exhaust system is a “racing exhaust” not approved with emissions and noise regulations. Additionally, given its low-lung orientation and slim construction, the system forgoes some insulation making the pipes incompatible with side bags and panniers designed for the BMW R 18. If all those are things you can live with, however, then all you need to do is fork up 2,138 Euros ($2,522) for the titanium version, or 1,806 Euros ($2,131) for the Black Treatment and Mirror Polish versions.

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