Do you know what you’re doing on September 26, 2021? That’s the date Royal Enfield chose for its annual One Ride worldwide event. It's where Enfield riders around the world all take their bikes out as one. What kind of riding you do is, up to you and any group you choose to roll out with. The most important thing is that you get out and ride. 

In 2021, of course, any annual event like One Ride is bound to hit people differently. After all we’ve collectively been through, and the fact that almost every event in 2020 ended up canceled, it’s another reminder not to take any day we spend riding for granted.  

That’s why Royal Enfield wants to use the 2021 One Ride event not just for pleasure, but to also raise awareness about responsible travel. Going places on our bikes has a number of great benefits, even during a global pandemic. For a start, it is (as many have observed) the most fun type of social distancing. The effects of riding on mental health during such a stressful time also can’t be understated.  

Supporting local businesses everywhere is even more vital than it was before. Small businesses in every sector truly got pounded over the course of 2020, and if they made it into 2021, are likely still just struggling to stay afloat. On your One Ride this year, Royal Enfield hopes that you’ll choose to support local businesses wherever you stop along the way. 

Additionally, Enfield wants riders to carry back any waste they create, and place it into the proper receptacles. We all know that not littering is generally a good way to live our lives, but we’ve also all seen that one driver up ahead just chuck an empty fast-food container out their car window. Don’t be that person. Along the same lines, Enfield also encourages riders to use reusable water bottles instead of single-use plastic.  

Finally, of course, Enfield wants to remind all riders everywhere to ride safe—on One Ride 2021, as well as in general. Gear up, make good choices, and just keep riding whenever and wherever you can. 

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