Picking out a set of motorcycle-specific gloves, specifically ones used for racing or track duty, can be a very long and arduous task. With so many options in the market, it really all boils down to personal preference, and what it is you’re looking for when it comes to just the right balance of comfort and protection.

Traditional racing gloves are constructed out of various types of leather, and oftentimes incorporate abrasion and impact resistant elements such as Kevlar and other aramid fibers. However, high performance racing gloves tend to be very warm, and significantly hinder your hands’ range of motion. Even if these gloves incorporate a perforated design, your hands will still end up sore and sweating buckets, especially if you live in a more temperate region. To address this issue, Andromeda Moto, an up and coming gear maker from Spain, has launched the Meteor racing gloves.

Andromeda Moto Launches Meteor Full-Gauntlet Racing Gloves

Now, Andromeda Moto isn’t any ordinary aspiring motorcycle gear maker. The company prides itself in making use of cutting-edge technology to deliver products unlike anything else in the market. Its portfolio of jackets, gloves, and suits are 100 percent animal-free, and as such, is the only vegan motorcycle clothing and apparel manufacturer. Andromeda’s Meteor racing gloves incorporate the latest and greatest when it comes to safety technology in a racing glove. Constructed out of Superfabric and Kevlar, the gloves offer maximum abrasion resistance without restricting range of motion too much.

Andromeda claims that the Meteor is “lightweight and comfortable for an authentic riding experience.” The gloves get a full inner Kevlar mesh on the top and bottom, as well as Superfabric protectors on the fingers and palm. Your knuckles are further protected in case of impact by carbon fiber shells, while the palms are reinforced with double stitching in the event of a slide. The knuckle area, as well as the fingers, incorporate flexors for added comfort and range of motion, and a perfect fit is ensured thanks to a double Velcro adjustment setup. Comfort in hot weather is provided by ventilation inlets on the fingers and upper hand.

The Andromeda Meteor racing gloves are offered in just one colorway—black with white accents. It comes in a wide selection of sizing options from 2XS all the way to 2XL, making it an ideal option for riders on either end of the spectrum. As far as pricing goes, the gloves cost 103.06 Euros, or the equivalent of $122 USD. Andromeda claims 24-hour shipping within Spain, and 48 to 96 hours worldwide. Visit their official website linked below for more info on the Meteor and other products.

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