In 2007, Ducati released what many consider to be one of the most timeless superbikes next to the legendary 916, the Ducati 1098. Successor to the 999, the Ducati 1098 adopted more design cues from the 998 than it did from the 999. As it would turn out, the 999’s insectoid styling was too much of a departure from classic Ducati styling, so much so that its sales figures were rather lackluster.

That said, in order to fix the problem, Ducati commissioned Giandrea Fabbro to come up with the then-modern-day evocation of the iconic 916. With that, the 1098 was born. Powered by Ducati’s powerful 1,099cc 90-degree V-twin equipped with Desmodromic valve actuation, the Ducati 1098 was a technological marvel in its day. Churning out a whopping 160 horsepower, the 1098 sat at the bleeding edge of superbike performance back in 2007.

This Ducati 1098 Is Looking For A New Home

If you’re as enamored with the Ducati 1098 as I am, then now may be your chance to take this superbike home at a bargain. This particular machine is a 2008 Ducati 1098S finished in black. Although red bikes tend to hold more value due to their likeness to classic Ducati Corse racing machines, the black finish gives this bike an undeniably stealthy and sleek aesthetic. The bike comes with a carbon-fiber front fender, a factory Ducati Performance windscreen, as well as all standard componentry on this model.

This being the S model, the lucky future owner would be treated to a fully adjustable Öhlins suspension setup, Brembo brakes on both ends, and Marchesini forged wheels. To make things even better, this 1098S is equipped with a Ducati Data Analyzer system, and Termignoni mufflers. This particular machine is registered with a clean Ontario title, and has a total mileage of 14,000 kilometers, or the equivalent of 9,000 miles.

This Ducati 1098 Is Looking For A New Home

This Ducati 1098S has been listed at no reserve on Bring a Trailer. With three days left in the bidding, the current bid stands at $5,800–quite a bargain for a machine of this caliber. If you’re interested in adding this fine Italian Stallion to your stable, be sure to visit the original listing in the link below.

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