Moto Guzzi has pulled out all the stops for its 100th anniversary. So far, the Mandello Del Lario brand has honored the occasion with a commemorative book, limited-edition liveries, and a traveling exhibit. Of course, the centennial festivities prompted countless retrospective lists of Moto Guzzi’s most iconic models, but the company’s own celebratory poster hinted that a new platform was in the works.

After months of silence, it seems like Moto Guzzi is preparing the upcoming model for its debut. One industrious reader, Mauro Lardini, recently spotted the prospective sport-tourer at a photoshoot near Lake Como (Italy). Luckily, the savvy sleuth captured a few smartphone photos for the rest of us and posted the images to his Instagram account.


While the low-res photos may leave us squinting, they also reveal more information about Moto Guzzi’s next big launch. Leaning even further into the centenary theme, a new V100 mill will power the new sport-tourer. Due to the nomenclature, many suspect that the transverse V-twin will boast a 1,000cc capacity and produce 120 horsepower. Liquid-cooling is also expected for the new Goose, as future models will need to meet increasingly strict European emissions regulations.


As for the rest of the package, the images confirm a road-oriented model with 17-inch wheels and a cushiony seat for both rider and passenger. While luggage accommodations haven’t made an appearance just yet, the windscreen and high handlebars hint at a touring-friendly riding position. Moto Guzzi’s retro styling goes out the window as well, with the streamlined bodywork delivering a more modern look.

With EICMA 2021 just two months away, we’re hoping that the brand unveils official details in the weeks leading up to the annual trade show. After all, announcing a new model would be a fitting end to Moto Guzzi’s year-long centennial celebration.

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