In April, 2021, MotoGP organizers published a video featuring a flyover lap of Indonesia’s new Mandalika Circuit. In case you hadn’t heard, Mandalika is scheduled to host its first MotoGP race in 2022. The facility wasn’t quite complete at the time, but what was there to see looked incredibly promising.  

It’s now August, 2021, so how is construction at Mandalika progressing? According to the Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation, main track paving is now complete. In fact, a special ceremony was held to celebrate that milestone at corners two and three of the Mandalika International Street Circuit on August 15, 2021.  

While the MotoGP paddock won’t touch down in Indonesia until next year, the WSBK paddock is currently on the calendar to take to the new circuit from November 12 through 14, 2021. With main paving of the track now complete, circuit organizers anticipate that they’ll be well prepared to host this event in the coming months. 

Mandalika Grand Prix Association director of construction and development Dwianto Eko Winaryo believes that the special stone mastic asphalt used in Mandalika’s construction gives it an edge over some other tracks in the region. Among other advantages, he said in a statement, “the track remains non-slippery when there is rain. This reduces the risk of accidents during rain.” 

While the track is now complete, other support structures are still undergoing construction. That includes the medical center, complete with a helipad—but overall, the all parts of the circuit are estimated at about 92 percent completion as of August 23, 2021. Project coordinators say they’re well on track to have all Mandalika construction completed by September 12, two full months ahead of that very important first WSBK race.  

YouTuber Mathias Pettersen lives in Lombok, where the Mandalika International Street Circuit is located. At the beginning of August, he was able to visit and take his viewers on a tour of the circuit, when the track was very close to being complete. In this video, you can see one amazing mountain view that will allow spectators to see almost the entire track, as well as the beach and ocean. It’s unclear whether there will be seating in that area, but it would be pretty silly if there isn’t.  

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