We’ve talked about Trevor Motorcycles, and its electric flat tracker concept then dubbed the FTR Stella in considerable detail in April 2020. Born out of the passion of two off-road motorcycle enthusiasts, the DTRe Stella, as it's now being called, was supposed to be unveiled sometime in 2021. Unfortunately, the global pandemic was to last longer than anybody had expected, and inadvertently threw a spanner in the works of this electric machine.

The brainchild of Jeroen-Vincent Nagels and Philippe Stella, the Trevor DTRe Stella is an exciting flat tracker concept which brings the styling and riding dynamics of conventional, gasoline-powered flat trackers, to the electric motorcycling world. The latest news to come out of the company is that it has recently been able to raise more than €1 million from a Canadian investment fund. This gives the company significant leverage, and a financial boost which should enable them to fasttrack the development of the DTRe Stella.

Trevor DTRe Stella Electric Flat Tracker Inching Closer To Reality

In a report published by The PACK, Jeroen-Vincent Nagels, Co-Founder of Trevor Motorcycles stated, “This investment allows us to continue to grow and start up our production. We are happy to finally be able to hit the roads with our Trevors. All the teams involved in the project have worked so hard to keep development and manufacturing going despite the difficulties associated with the health crisis. This is a nice achievement for the whole team!” Given the recent investment, Trevor Motorcycles now has a market value worth more than €5 million.

The Trevor DTRe Stella features an 11 kW, 260 Nm brushless electric motor which sips juice from a 2.7 kWh lithium-ion battery pack designed by Belgian company Saroléa. Its electric powertrain enables this motorcycle to achieve a top speed of 95 kilometers per hour. It sports classic flat tracker styling, upright ergonomics, and long travel suspension which make it capable of traversing all sorts of terrain.

Reservations for the Stella, in either an off-road-only version at € 12,995 ($15,334 USD); or street legal version at € 14,495 ($17,104 USD), have now been opened on Trevor Motorcycles’ official website. If you are interested in this electric flat tracker, or would like to learn more about it, be sure to visit the website link below.

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