Italian motorcycle gear and accessories maker Tucano Urbano introduced its T.Ur line to showcase its more adventure-focused gear. Still, we’re pretty sure that Urbano’s regular city rider market could find much to appreciate about the new T.Ur B-Two handlebar bag. No matter where you like to ride your bike, a good handlebar bag can be a great help for your small items. Let’s take a look. 

When you’re looking for places to stash your small everyday necessities, every rider has their preferences. Sometimes they even change depending on what gear you’re wearing. While I always appreciate an easily-accessible pocket to stick a payment card into for easy access at the fuel pump, I only stick my phone in a jacket pocket when wearing certain jackets. If I’m taking my tank bag, it usually goes in there instead. Sunglasses? Straight into the tank bag.  

If you’d prefer a handlebar bag, or you have an array of stuff that makes carrying both a tank bag and a handlebar bag a better idea, then you may be interested in T.Ur’s B-Two bag. It can hold 1.7 liters of stuff, and comes in a trapezoidal shape that can work with enduro handlebars, both with and without a crossbar.  

Gallery: Tucano Urbano T.Ur B-Two Handlebar Bag

The exterior is made of sturdy tarpaulin material and ripstop polyamide. There’s a transparent touch screen window pocket inside for your phone, as well as a slot and pocket for your power bank conveniently located nearby. An internal mesh pocket with a zipper makes it easier to keep your small items organized. Velcro closures keep things locked down while you’re riding. 

You should be aware that there’s no mention whatsoever of any water resistance or waterproofing properties in this bag. It also doesn’t appear to come with a rain cover, either sold together with the bag or as an available accessory as of August 18, 2021.  

It comes in black only, and the cost on T.Ur’s website is $79, not including shipping. On Tucano Urbano’s website, the company currently ships directly to many countries in Europe. However, it does not list any countries outside that continent at this time.

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