Name a more soothing, inspiring YouTube channel than Allen Millyard’s. We’ll wait. In 2021, produced an entire video series on his Millyard RC374 Honda six replica. He started back in February, talking about how Guy Martin’s RC174 replica had inspired Millyard’s own build, and then walking us through the engine build process.  

In August, 2021, we’re up to episode six. Each episode showcases a different aspect of the build, and is carefully demonstrated and narrated in Millyard’s signature style. He’s a great teacher, both showing and telling exactly what he’s done at every step. For this episode, he’s prepping the RC374 for a demonstration at the Sammy Miller Motorcycle Museum, so it needs a little bit of maintenance work. 

Doing maintenance on a faired bike frequently means the fairing needs to come off. In the RC374’s case, that’s also an excellent time for Millyard to demonstrate exactly how he made his bespoke aluminum fairing screws out of bits of aluminum bar. Truly, there’s “do-it-yourself,” and then there’s Allen Millyard. 

You can tell he’s having a grand old time making these videos now, working away peacefully in his back garden and giving us occasional glimpses into the other goings-on at home. In this video, we get a small segment with his wife, Tracey, busy making biscuits (that’s cookies to us American types) in the kitchen. Millyard notes that the batter she loads into her cookie press looks a bit like loading grease into a grease gun, and anyone who’s ever made spritz cookies can tell you he’s not wrong. There’s also a great bit involving a night-vision camera and some midnight hedgehogs, but I won’t spoil it for you. 

After a quick disassembly and cleaning of the dry clutch, Millyard declares the bike fit for service and pops the fairing back into place. Screws all right and tight, and he’s off to Sammy Miller’s for that demonstration. Thankfully, he takes us all along for the ride, and we get to both see and hear the RC374 do a few laps around the museum carpark. Hand me my cookie press and that wrench over there, will you? 

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