If you’re looking for a rugged, waterproof backpack that looks cool and also holds its shape, you may want to know about the Doppelganger TPU Waterproof Backpack. Japanese company Doppelganger offers both this backpack and a similarly-styled duffel bag with IPX7 waterproof ratings. Let’s take a look. 

You or your bike getting wet isn’t usually a huge deal, but getting your important items such as your phone, computer, and documents wet is another story. While a lot of waterproof backpacks rely on roll-top designs to block out the water, the Doppelganger solution uses 900D thermoplastic polyurethane material in its construction. The waterproof zipper is heavy-duty, and includes a special lubricant to apply once in a while to keep it moving smoothly.  

How much storage capacity is inside? This bag holds 25 liters of storage space, which seems like a decent amount for your everyday carry. Features include a drip-proof front pocket, a large external D-ring, a large pull-tab on the zipper so it’s easy to grab with gloved hands, a mesh pocket, an external glove holder, a removable bottle holder for your water, a chest strap, an exterior daisy chain, and a removable organizer for the main compartment.  

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The rectangular shape is unique and intriguing, and the fact that it holds this shape no matter what will likely come in handy when you’re putting your items inside. The exterior daisy chain makes it extremely easy to run some straps through and mount this bag on the pillion seat or luggage rack of your motorcycle.  

Doppelganger also posted a couple of videos demonstrating both this bag’s waterproof and airtight capabilities. Although the text is in Japanese, the action is sufficiently clear that you don’t need to read the language to understand what you’re seeing onscreen.  

In the waterproof demonstration, a guy takes a t-shirt and shows the camera that it’s completely dry. He then carefully zips it inside the duffel version of this bag, and proceeds to use a power washer on it. He even pays special attention to aiming the power washer spray directly at the zipper for a decent amount of time. When he shuts it off and examines the shirt inside, it’s still completely dry. 


The airtight test showcases this TPU backpack, and shows a guy zipping it shut, then driving his car over the bag repeatedly. He purposely positions the bag so that it’s directly under a single rear wheel, then backs up and rolls forward a few times. Doppelganger is quick to say that this airtight test was done with a new bag, and is no guarantee that it will remain quite so airtight through the bag’s lifetime. Still, it’s pretty impressive. 

It’s a cool looking bag, and the waterproof qualities and utility seem rather nice. As long as the extensive use of TPU doesn’t mean you walk around smelling like you’re carrying an entire Harbor Freight store on your back, this bag seems like it could be a nice motorcycle backpack. We haven’t tried it, so we can’t speak from experience.  

Doppelganger sells this backpack on Amazon Japan, Rakuten, Yahoo Japan, Yodobashi, and Webike. Some international shipping options may be available; for example, Webike offers international shipping. It’s priced at 25,300 yen, which is about $231 as of August 17, 2021 (shipping excluded). 

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