Chinese motorcycle manufacturer CFMoto has been hard at work in developing new and exciting motorcycles for the markets it seeks to expand into. Already making quite a name for itself in Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America, the Chinese company’s partnerships with KTM and KISKA Design have proven to work to their favor.

In 2020, CFMoto unveiled the SR range of sportbikes to the world. The SR, in 250 and 300 trim, is CFMoto’s entry into the beginner-friendly A2-compliant segment. That said, it seems that the Chinese company is working towards developing a higher-performance variant in the form of the 250SR-R. The addition of an “R”, as we all know, means that the upcoming bike will bear a sportier nature than that of its more standard counterpart. So, what differentiates the 250SR-R from the standard 250SR? Well, for starters, it appears that the bike won’t benefit from any power gains, but it could benefit from a lighter chassis and better suspension.

CFMOTO Launches 250SR Racing Version

An article by Cycle World suggests that the 250SR-R will come equipped with a single-sided swingarm designed first and foremost to reduce weight. Along with the revised single-sided swingarm, the 250SR-R also gets gold-anodized forks. While it isn’t confirmed whether or not the forks will feature revised internals, this isn’t a far-fetched notion, as CFMoto has long been working with KYB in supplying OEM suspension for its premium models. In the styling department, the 250SR-R is expected to retain its sporty and futuristic aesthetic. However, we could see the additional R bearing model with some minor styling enhancements such as winglets.

With the CFMoto 250SR-R likely coming into production soon, chances are the Chinese company will also give the slightly larger 300SR the same treatment. The CFMoto 250SR is available in certain markets with license and insurance restrictions centering on the power output and engine displacement of the bike. Meanwhile, the 300SR is a more ubiquitous model which is available across Asia and Australia, as well as some parts of South America.

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