Watch this Austrian Stuntman Ride Down A Chimney On A Vespa

So, how does he put a foot down?

Günter Schachermayr Riding Vespa Down Chimney Günter Schachermayr Riding Vespa Down Chimney

Günter Schachermayr "rides" down 360 feet (110 meters) from the top of a chimney on a Vespa. Now that is not a statement that you get to hear every day. 

Suspended by ropes and on a Vespa, the Austrian stuntman completed a stunt conducted on a chimney in Slovakia. The structure measures 110 meters tall or about 360 feet, and Günter essentially rappelled down while sitting on a scooter. 

It seems like such an odd thing to do, but it looks challenging to do. Simply keeping the scooter's tires in contact with the chimney looked hard enough. Not to mention that the engine was off as it was descending for some added safety. Schachermayr struggled a bit to keep his foot in the footwells of the little Vespa, and he had to "put his foot down" to stabilize the bike and keep it from literally spiraling out of control. 

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He didn't do this just for anything, however. Schachermayr is known for quite a few Guinness World Records, and at the age of thirty, the Austrian stuntman currently is an engineer with a lot of imagination. A few of his exploits include changing a wheel while racing, doing a wheelie without a front wheel while delivering an omelet, and perhaps his most daring feat was letting a Ferrari pull his scooter to 125 miles per hour. 

The man's on a quest to collect the most number of records on a Vespa, which is just a staggering collection of records. You can watch all of his exploits on his YouTube channel, which is under his name. 

While this is just the latest stunt Schachermayr pulled, it's definitely not the last. The Austrian stuntman could come up with something even crazier. He has in the past, and we're interested to see just what he's up to next. 

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