Many adventure riders enjoy escaping the hustle and bustle of modern life by taking to the trail. Off-road trips not only challenge the rider physically but also allows them to disconnect from electronic devices and social media. When navigating far-flung locations, however, cellular service drops dramatically, leaving riders to potentially fend for themselves when things go pear-shaped.

Luckily, adventure riding instructor and YouTuber Bret Tkacs knows how to prepare for the worst. With years of off-road experience, Tkacs has seen a thing or two in his day and packs down his BMW R 1200 GS accordingly. Though the YouTuber recorded his latest video while instructing a class, the items he carries on a regular basis apply to short and long-distance off-road journeys.

Starting with his left pannier, Tkacs reveals that hydration and food are critical on the trail. Of course, he has to account for his students’ needs, packing high quantities of water and snacks to suit the situation. However, most adventurers won’t require such high volumes if they’re preparing for a solo or two-up trip. Along with those provisions, Tkacs stores his tool roll and helmet shield cleaner in the starboard bag too, which equips the adventure rider for any mishaps or challenging sections along the way.

On the port side, the pannier holds some extra apples for a late afternoon boost and an assortment of medical supplies. Tkacs compartmentalizes the first aid kits based on the severity of the injury, but he hasn’t had to administer intensive medical support in the field. With that in mind, adventurers should compose a comprehensive first aid kit based on their personal needs, as Tkacs system may be overkill for most expeditions.

As a YouTuber, Tkacs also has to bring his camera equipment along in a compact tail bag. Fortunately, most riders don’t require such devices and can reduce bulk as a result. Lastly, Tkacs encourages riders to purchase a satellite communicator such as his Garmin InReach. Whether you have someone waiting at the trailhead or back home, the communicator allows riders to call for help when cellular service is non-existent. The best adventures take riders to the most remote places, and that’s why adventurers should be prepared for anything.

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