Moto Guzzi USA announced its adventure tour program will be taking a stateside trip. The Moto Guzz 'Experience' 2021 will get a North American leg and feature multiple tours for riders to participate in. 

The program was launched in Europe, but this year will be the first time that the Italian brand will be holding such an adventure in the United States. Three tours will be available: The Big Sky Tour, Ozarks, and California Coastal. 

For The Big Sky Tour, block off September 9 to 13. The tour will go through Montana and Wyoming. Notable locations include Yellowstone National Park, Gallatin National Forest, and Big Sky among others. 

The Ozarks tour will take place from September 23 to 27. It's going to be a 700-mile trip. Riders must prepare to carve through some of the best roads of the region complete with breathtaking views. 

California Coastal, meanwhile, will be the last and longest leg of the 'Experience.' Interested riders should prepare for a trip from October 7 to 11. The ride will start in Santa Monica, continuing to Santa Margarita, then over to Buelton, and finally, back to Santa Monica for a grand total of 870 miles. 

Interested riders may take the tour on the new Guzzi V85 TT, which will be available for rent. Of course, if the participants are already Guzzi owners themselves, they may bring their own bikes to the adventuring party. However, would-be owners may actually rent a bike for $1,000 USD. As a bonus, for the inaugural activity, Moto Guzzi USA will credit the trip price towards the sale of a brand new Moto Guzzi V85 TT if the participant so chooses to own one. 

The price of admission is at least $1,500 USD if you have your own Guzzi V85, and $2,500 if you don't. Admission for a passenger is a thousand dollars extra. The fee will cover five nights of accommodation in the hotels, full board (excluding alcohol), fuel if you're riding a rental, liability insurance, the fee for the tour leader, and the support vehicle. 

If you're interested in participating and learning more, log on to the Moto Guzzi USA website. 

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