More options, more products, less hassle.

Shopping for motorcycle gear and accessories can be a tall order thanks to the ensuing chaos of the pandemic. Disrupted supply chains and travel restrictions have made it difficult for gear makers to meet the increased demand over the last year. On top of the current circumstances, a supplier only reports its inventory, leaving consumers to comb through multiple sources.

Now, new eCommerce startup PureMoto wants to consolidate the purchasing options for customers while supporting local shops. Instead of shipping products from one centralized warehouse, PureMoto accesses numerous web stores and brick and mortar sources to help consumers find the item they need to get back on the road.

“We are extremely happy with the results we have seen since going live on the PureMoto platform,” exclaimed Del Amo Motorsports CEO Pablo Veglia. “This technology now allows us to cast a much wider net and show riders the investment we have made in key products and brands. Timing couldn’t be better”

Along with greater access to distributors, dealers, and brands, the digital platform also fosters community. PureMoto encourages users to organize and rank product information in a more useful manner, streamlining the process for future purchasers.

“The bottom line is that PureMoto shortens the buying cycle,” noted Joaquin Aranda. “We help customers decide quicker and acquire products faster from multiple sources with a distributed fulfillment model all while putting the local dealer’s inventory front and center. This is a game-changer because it means as an industry, we can better service the rider.”

On top of the welcoming environment, the eCommerce service broadens the user’s access to inventory. Even items sold out on retailer websites or discontinued by brands can be located at local shops. For instance, I’m quite partial to Alpinestars’ GP Plus R gloves but the brand discontinued the model last season. Luckily, using PureMoto, I was able to locate a pair at a nearby shop, Temecula Motorsports.

Yes, shopping for motorcycle gear and accessories is a tall order during these times, but PureMoto should help alleviate the pressure on both retailers and consumers.

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