Finding places to put your most important items while you’re on your bike can be a struggle. Sure, most motorcycle jackets have pockets—but maybe you don’t like sticking things in your pockets. Maybe the pockets on your favorite jacket just aren’t big enough for many in 2021. Sure, you could use a little tank bag, tail pack, or backpack, but then again, maybe you just don’t want to. 

The great thing about our modern era of is that we have so many choices. Take the D-Line Smart Pouch from French gear maker Bagster. It’s a small pouch with adjustable straps, suitable for carrying your most important everyday items. Keys, smartphone, wallet, maybe a lip balm—all the essentials you need, and nothing you don’t. 

Those adjustable straps turn it into your choice of a thigh or forearm holster for your stuff. New for 2021, there’s also a clear touchscreen-compatible window, so you can access your phone while it’s in the pocket. Next time you’re at a stoplight and want to tell your streaming music service of choice to skip that one song you can’t stand, it’s super quick and easy. 

This neat Daily Line pouch zips closed to keep your items secure, and has retro-reflective elements on its exterior to help make you more visible to other road users. It contains a mesh pocket and additional little storage cubbies to help keep your items organized within the pouch, even though it’s relatively small and lightweight. It also comes with a rain cover, because you definitely don’t want your phone to get wet. All these features make it seem like a nice item to have on a long moto road trip, as well as your everyday commute. 

Although Bagster previously offered a very similar D-Line pouch, the older version didn’t come with the clear touchscreen window. MSRP is 39.99 Euros, or just over $47. Bagster sells its items around the world, and price and availability may vary depending on your local shop and/or market.  

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