Playing motorcycle video games can be fun, but they rarely replicate the authentic sensations and physics of riding. Sure, the entertainment value is high, but most folks can’t truly hone their motorcycling skills with a standard game controller. That’s where riding simulators like Moto Trainer make the most sense, and Iconic Motorbikes is letting one go with its latest No Reserve auction.

Consisting of a leaning device and two wooden frames imitating racetrack curbing, the Moto Trainer Basic model is a great way for street riders, track regulars, and racers to practice their form. The included ramp allows users to roll their very own motorcycle onto the simulator frame. Braces fore and aft lock in both wheels, enabling riders to securely lean the bike over. The 50-degree lean angle limit should also give riders enough room to improve without the imminent danger of crashing at speed.

Gallery: Moto Trainer Basic Iconic Motorbikes Auction

The Moto Trainer Basic trim doesn’t include the brand’s telemetry software, lean engine, fork engine, or game adapter. However, customers can purchase additional packages such as Simulator Light, Simulator Top, and Eagle that turn the Moto Trainer into a bonafide practice tool. Paired with the MotoGP video game, users can even test world-class tracks around the globe from the comfort of their own home.

While the device for sale is the base trim, Moto Trainer CEO Andrea Lombardi serviced the leaning suspension himself. On the other hand, the wooden box frames do have minor cosmetic blemishes, but that’s nothing that vinyl stickers resembling track limits can’t fix. Of course, the Ducati Panigale pictured with the Moto Trainer Basic doesn’t come with the sale, but the braces do accept most sportbike makes and models.

The Moto Trainer Basic retails for €4,900 ($5,811 USD), and the current bid resides at $1. Offers will undoubtedly go up between now and the July 8, 2021 deadline, but this could be a golden opportunity for anyone looking to improve their motorcycling skills without the dangers of the road.

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