Recent years have brought about the increase in popularity of premium, larger capacity motorcycles particularly in the Asian market. Unlike its western neighbors, majority of considers motorcycles with displacements of 300cc and up as big bikes, with sub-150cc scooters and mopeds being the norm when it comes to two-wheeled transport.

In line with this, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI) has grouped its premium, larger machines under the BigWing category, and has been doing so for quite some time now. Given the introduction of new bikes in India such as the Honda CB350 H’Ness, CB350 RS, and most recently the Honda Gold Wing Tour, it’s clear to see that these premium machines have a place in the Indian market. As a result, Honda’s BigWing dealerships have expanded to several key locations in the country.

2021 Honda H’Ness CB350 - Profile, Right
The Honda CB350 H'Ness has been in the center of a massive hype storm in India for a few months now.

Honda further subdivides its big bike dealerships into BigWing Topline, which caters to all motorcycles with displacements from 300cc all the way to 1,800cc; and BigWing, which exclusively sells mid-sized bikes such as the CB350 and CB650R. The company has recently announced that BigWing outlets in Navi Mumbai, Delhi, Bhopal, Patiala, Kolkata, and Dehradun have been inaugurated.

At present, more than 40 BigWing and BigWing Topline showrooms are operational across the country, with more expected to open on the horizon. These showrooms not only sell premium motorcycles, but are completely equipped to handle service, repair, and maintenance of Honda’s premium big bikes such as the CB350 twins, CB500X adventure bike, and the CB650R and CBR650R middleweight street bikes. Additionally, BigWing showrooms can also accommodate service and repair of top-of-the-line machines such as the Africa Twin Adventure Sports, CBR1000RR-R SP supersport, and the Gold Wing Tour.

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