There’s a new electric motorcycle on the block, and it means business. Just recently becoming available in the European market, the Alrendo TS Bravo brings some really impressive performance figures to the table, at a price which is extremely enticing considering just how much tech has been packed into this electric motorcycle.

Our friends from The PACK have recently shared their experience with the new Alrendo TS Bravo, which will soon be available at E-Center in The Netherlands, a hub for all sorts of new and wonderful innovations in the electric mobility industry. The Alrendo TS Bravo boasts some stunning good looks, which are sure to turn heads no matter where you go. It gets a powerful, highly sophisticated powertrain which sets it apart from most other electric two-wheelers currently available in the market. Powered by an 11kW electric motor, it pumps out the equivalent of 78 horsepower, and promises an average range of 200 kilometers, or the equivalent of 124 miles in a single charge.

Alrendo TS Bravo Gray - Left Side Alternate

The Alrendo TS Bravo can achieve a top speed of 135 kilometers per hour (84 miles per hour), and can cover quite an impressive distance at high speeds. In fact, Alrendo breaks down just how far the TS Bravo can run at a given pace. If you’re really in a hurry, then bike can cover a range of 150 kilometers at a pace of 120 kilometers per hour. If you’re feeling more responsible, and want to ride on the safer side, it’ll return 250 kilometers at a pace of 80 kilometers per hour. Lastly, Alrendo promises a staggering 419-kilometer range at a pace of 50 kilometers per hour for, say, light duty rides around the city and countryside.

The Alrendo TS Bravo is able to achieve such impressive efficiency thanks to some pretty nifty tech. For instance, it’s electric motor feature a high-tech liquid cooling system in order to keep operating temperatures at bay. To make things even better, the whole powertrain weighs just 17 kg, excluding the batteries, of course. For added convenience, the Alrendo TS Bravo comes equipped with a built-in 3.8KW fast-charger, which enables you to quickly and safely charge the battery in just 3 hours by plugging it to any wall socket.


The TS Bravo gets a seven-inch full color TFT display, making it very easy and convenient for you to monitor your speed, as well as the bike’s vital information such as state of charge, and battery usage. It tips the scales at 249 kg ready to ride, which is slightly on the heavier side when compared to gasoline powered motorcycles of similar capacity. As far as pricing and availability is concerned, the Alrendo TS Bravo can be booked via the E-Center in The Netherlands, and has a retail price starting at € 9,995, or the equivalent of $11,851 USD.

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