Bittoo Bike Modification, a custom motorcycle garage based in Karol Bagh, Delhi, just created a one-off custom build which is sure to leave onlookers scratching their heads wondering just what this bike really is. What started life as a Royal Enfield Classic 350 now looks nothing like the retro cruiser. Instead, it now dons sharp, elegant lines, an extremely low stance, and very, very wide tires.

It’s clear to see that this custom creation draws inspiration from the Harley-Davidson V-Rod. The list of modifications is pretty extensive, and is indeed a testament to the talented craftsmen behind this custom build. As you can see, this bike has been thoroughly redesigned from the ground up. Up front, we find a new round headlight, a custom triple clamp, lowered front shocks and a custom front fender. The front wheel has also been swapped out for an alloy unit sporting a chunky tire.

This Custom Royal Enfield Wants To Bring Out Its Inner Harley

The folks at Bittoo Bike Modification clearly did a lot of work to the bike’s frame, as the rake has clearly been set to a much slacker setting, as well as the seat being positioned a lot lower than that of the base bike. I’m not exactly sure how they worked on the rear end of this bike, but judging from how compact it looks, it would appear that the rear suspension was thoroughly redesigned, as well. Of course, the bike’s bodywork was a complete custom job, too, with the fuel tank, side panels, and rear fender all designed to mimic the H-D V-Rod.

This Custom Royal Enfield Wants To Bring Out Its Inner Harley

Perhaps the coolest, most eye-catching part of this build is the bike’s engine. Originally equipped with a 350cc single, this custom build looks like it’s sporting a massive V-twin motor. Don’t let your eyes deceive you, what you’re seeing is a custom engine cover complete with a fake rear cylinder to make the bike look like a massive, low-slung cruiser. It does, in fact, sport the RE Classic 350’s stock powertrain. The builders even went through the trouble of designing and fabricating a faux exhaust system for the dummy rear cylinder. You know, to keep it all looking authentic.

There’s no denying that, given India’s strict laws against Vehicle modification, this bike is by no means street legal, and is only good as a showpiece for use in events. It is, however, a beautiful example of just how talented the builders of this custom creation are, as well as just how versatile of a platform the Royal Enfield Classic 350 is, as far as custom creations are concerned.

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