Brixton Motorcycles seems to be getting closer to production of the 1,200cc. British-style retro standard it teased at EICMA 2019. We last spoke of the big Brixton concept bike in April of 2020, writing mostly about the bike’s rather shameless resemblance to the Triumph Bonneville T120.  

Brixton 1200 Model
The Brixton 1200 concept was first shown at EICMA 2019.

“From the saddle to the shape of the fuel tank with the knee dents, the similarities between the two designs are obvious,” we wrote at the time. “There’s no denying that Brixton was likely heavily ‘inspired’ by the legendary (Bonneville) model.”  


At that time, Brixton itself said the model was destined for production. 15 months later, however, it's nowhere to be seen. What we do have, however, are new computer renderings and documentation of an engine that appears to be the one slated for Brixton’s new T120 rival.  

The patent drawings circulating the internet are from Gaokin, the Chinese motorcycle manufacturer that currently builds bikes for Brixton. They show a grayed-out CGI model of an inline-twin-cylinder engine that looks just like the one from the EICMA 2019 mockup. Like Triumph’s T120 powerplant, it hides liquid cooling in an air-cooled guise and uses a SOHC design.


Eagle-eyed readers can take a closer look at the images to guess at a few more of the final product’s potential details such as ride-by-wire and the way the exhaust ports are angled to give the headers that splayed ‘60s British look. 

The only other clear information to be gleaned from the official documentation is that it will displace 1,200cc (like the T120), has two cylinders, and will carry the Brixton badge. 


These renderings come with no indication of when production may commence, and Brixton was clear last April that it would not be bound by deadlines or time constraints (especially in light of the pandemic and its resultant production delays). Regardless, these new images are proof that the big Brixton is another step closer to existence. 

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