Do you remember what you were doing in May, 2020? If the hazy fog of the intervening 12-ish months between then and June, 2021 seems to have run together, we’re right there with you. You see, May, 2020 was the first time we squealed over this exact 1965 Yamaha MG1T Omaha Trailmaster. At the time, it was looking for a new home and located in Arizona. What’s changed for this bike in the past year? 

For a start, it’s currently located in California, and will come to its new owner’s door with a clean California title. It’s still powered by an 80cc, two-stroke single and shifts using a four-speed gearbox. Rotary valves, a heel-toe shifter, split saddle for rider and passenger, and a luggage rack all come along for the ride. The seller says they performed a carburetor rebuild in August, 2020, but no other mention of any recent service on this bike is present in the listing. Just under 1,000 miles is on the odometer, but total mileage is unknown.  

Somewhere between the May, 2020, Bring a Trailer listing and this 2021 one, this bike sadly appears to have lost its original tool roll. It also lost the copies of the original sales receipt and Idaho title from 1974 that it was advertised to be sold with at that time. While a running video accompanied the listing in 2020, there’s no such video posted with the current listing, since the carb rebuild. It does still come with the original owner’s manual and key, though, so that’s something. 

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A year older, a year wiser, having gained at least one good attribute and also having lost a few—it almost seems like this bike is a good metaphor for the past year, for most of us. It’s being offered at no reserve, and the current bid is up to $700 at the time of writing on June 18, 2021. This auction wraps on June 22, 2021, when this little Trailmaster will once again blaze its way to a new home, and probably a new heart, as well. Will either be yours?  

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