With the second wave of coronavirus infections in India only now beginning to taper off, more and more people are queueing up to get their COVID-19 vaccine all across the country. In a bid to encourage folks to get their COVID-19 vaccines, one of the country’s largest motorcycle and scooter rental companies, Vogo, is offering free rides worth Rs 300, or the equivalent of around $4 USD, to customers who have received either their first or second dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

In order to avail of this free ride, customers simply need to upload their full or partial vaccination certificate on the Vogo mobile app. To make things even better Vogo has included a feature wherein those interested in booking a vaccination may do so directly through the app, making it easier and more convenient for folks to get their jab against COVID-19. As it would turn out, Vogo is pretty serious when it comes to doing its part in fighting the pandemic. In fact, for every customer who uploads his or her vaccination certificate into the Vogo app, the company will pledge Rs 100, or the equivalent of $1.37 USD to the “Activate 50 Hospitals” fund.


This project was initiated by Pranitha Subhash Foundation & Good Scout, which consists of a group of entrepreneurs, social welfare groups, as well as variable philanthropists and charitable institutions in the country. The ultimate goal of the “Activate 50 Hospitals” fund is to identify and rejuvenate 50 non-operational hospitals in India, and provide them with free medical equipment in order to offer treatment for COVID-19 to less fortunate patients free of charge.

To further promote awareness and curb hesitation towards getting vaccinated, Vogo has deployed more than 1,000 scooters across Bengaluru and Hyderabad which boast loud and eye-catching liveries meant to draw awareness to and encourage people to get vaccinated. As alarming as it may seem, Vogo has conducted a research study earlier this year which suggests that around 62 percent of India’s residents have one form of hesitation or another, when it comes to availing of the COVID-19 vaccine. After the second wave of the virus devastating the country just a few months ago, this hesitation has dramatically decreased, however, despite this, around 23 percent are still hesitant about the vaccine.

In line with all of this, Vogo is determined to do its share in encouraging India’s residents to avail of the COVID-19 vaccine. With vaccination programs continuously rolling out in India, the chances of coronavirus restrictions slowly being lifted, and the economy opening up once again, is not a far-fetched notion.

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